Financial Benefits

The role of 3D visualization in diagnosis, preoperative planning, and selecting treatment options is expanding. Providing 3D postprocessing services will positively impact virtually every element of a radiology practice and imaging department.  Because of the great impact, there are many different things to consider when deciding to manage postprocessing internally vs. outsourcing.


Some factors to consider include:

·         Reimbursements

·         Operating Expenses

·         Capital Expenditures

·         Radiologist Productivity

·         Patient Capacity/Throughput

·         Growth


Radia would be happy to review all these factors with you and help you make the best decision for your situation.  The potential financial impact is something that must be considered carefully as it significantly impacts the main focus of your practice, for instance:


Radiologist Productivity:  The initial workup by the lab saves radiologists time, which in turn allows them to read more exams each day.  When the data is ready for the on-site radiologists to review and interpret, it has already been worked up and bookmarked, ready for efficient manipulation in the reading process.  Instead of taking the time to generate a full 3D workup, the radiologist will be able to read additional exams that they otherwise would not have had the time to read.


Patient Care and Best Use of Technologist Time: When a dedicated 3D service is taking on the burden of postprocessing data sets from the acquisition technologist, it allows that technologist to focus more on patient care.  If the technologist doesn’t need to step away from the scanner to workup a 3D exam, the patient isn’t kept waiting.  The technologists are also able to see more patients each day as they are solely focused on the patient and not the workup.


Economies of Scale: Radia has spent significant time and resources to build and operate our 3D postprocessing lab.  Because we have the volume to continue to support both the technology and staff needed to maintain a high quality in-house 3D service we can guarantee high quality images at a faction of the cost of doing them yourself.